About Switch Off Social

Switch Off Social is a global movement aimed at reducing our dependency on social media.  On June 21st of every year we’re encouraging people all over the world to switch off their social media and engage in the real world.  Why June 21st?  Because that’s the official start of Summer.  What better time to rediscover the joy of real human contact or picking up on new (or old) hobbies.  For just seven days in June we’re choosing to take the red pill instead of the blue.  SOS does not believe that social media in itself is bad.  Rather, the way we are using social media (or allowing it to use us) is damaging both our physical and mental health.

Over the years numerous studies have shown that too much time spent on social media can stress us out, leaving us anxious and depressed, and ironically increase feelings of loneliness. These findings have been confirmed for both adults and children.

Join us on June 21st and let’s reclaim our lives.  Together we can Switch Off Social.