Ashley Faithfull on Why Execs are Turning to Diet and Exercise as a Success Strategy

Over my 13-year career as a personal trainer I have worked with CEOs, CFOs, entrepreneurs and execs. As you can imagine, they are a group of very time poor professionals. But even when they are working 12-14 hour days, they still make time for fitness and a healthy meal. My team and I make it a mission to make working out for them as easy as possible, because it’s important to their success, not only in health but their career.

Here’s why:

It helps you destress

Most jobs have their share of stress. It’s important for professionals to create a circuit breaker and exercise is the perfect way to do that. It provides a neuro boost, decreases stress, improve your mood and it’s also shown to enhance memory and cognition. A workout could mean that you head into meetings with more focus and fresh ideas. I find that our clients get far better results with complex work issues when they step away for an hour and engage in structured exercise. They come back to the problem with fresh eyes and a fresh mindset.

A well balanced diet can boost productivity

When you’re jumping from one meeting to another, it’s easy to forget to eat let alone find a healthy meal. But there are benefits in grabbing a healthy salad rather than a burger with fries, especially during high stake meetings. Research has shown that when you eat a high carb meal, your productivity can take a hit. In contrast, a healthy diet packed with vegetables, protein and wholegrains has been known to boost productivity.

We place a lot of importance on our clients implementing strong health and wellness routines into their busy schedules. We often have our clients put “personal training session’ into their work diaries as a non negotiable appointment for their PA and colleagues.

Our clients understand the importance exercise and routine has to their mindset. They know that keeping those sessions can often have very positive impacts on how they perform in those high stake meetings.


By Ashley Faithfull

Ashley Faithfull is the Managing Director and Personal Trainer at Ashley Faithfull Training Studios.






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