Kris Ceniza on The 4 Main Benefits of Regular Exercise

As the world dives deeper into technology and social media, it almost seems like only those with tremendous achievements get noticed. From what I’m seeing, this can drive us into either of 2 ways: we feel inspired or we feel discouraged.

From a physical therapist and trainer’s standpoint, I’m here to sway you towards the former. Everyone, especially these people with toned physiques and happy demeanors that you see on your phone, started somewhere – and you have to, too.

So, here are a few benefits of regular exercise that, hopefully, gets you moving:

You feel sharper and happier

It may come as a surprise to you given how exercise is physically demanding but the fastest benefits of exercise revolve around your mental health – and this is true across all age groups.

Exercise is a natural way for your brain to release feel-good hormones that, in turn, also makes you less anxious and depressed while also improving your cognition.

Regular exercise makes it easier to manage your weight

Your weight is controlled by how you balance calories.

  • Maintaining your weight means burning roughly as many calories as you consume.
  • To lose weight, you consume less calories than you burn.
  • For weight gain, you should be consuming more calories than your body uses.

Regardless of what your goal is, though, regular exercise plays a crucial role in this because the more you move, the more calories you use.

So, if you want to lose weight, exercise makes that so much easier. And, if you want to gain or maintain your weight, regular exercise allows you to eat more food.

You cut down your risk for several chronic diseases

Studies have associated inactivity with life-threatening chronic health conditions, including diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

But, on the contrary, many of these same studies have also pointed to regular exercise and physical activity as the best way to minimize your risk for these same diseases. This, in turn, equates to you getting both a longer and better quality of life.

Plus, it matters very little what type of exercise you do. Whether it be aerobic exercise, muscle strengthening activities, or other forms of physical activity, you can still reap the health benefits of exercise as long as you do them routinely and pair it with a healthy diet.

You become stronger and more mobile

Physical activity and exercise are, to their very core, simply about moving your body. This, in turn, contracts and stretches your muscles while also moving your joints. Not to mention, people who’ve been physically active are also known to have stronger bones as they got older.

Of course, certain kinds of exercises are better for certain things. For example, resistance training is better for strength and gaining muscle mass; aerobic exercise is better for your endurance; yoga and tai chi are great for mobility, balance, and core strength; sports are great for agility. There are even exercises that are effective for knee pain.

Whatever physical activity you participate in, however, you’re sure to be stronger and move more effortlessly than if you lived a sedentary life.


Don’t let social media bring you down and discourage you from being your best self. As far as exercise and physical activity goes, I know for damn sure that you have it in you to be better.

So, when you see someone on your feed posting their physiques, training, and diet, use it as fuel and inspiration. Or, better yet, keep your phone in your pocket and get to moving.

Now, my only question is: When do you start?


By Kris Ceniza

Writer’s Bio:

I’m Kris Ceniza – physical therapist, trainer, and fitness geek. I use my knowledge, experience, and keen interest in health and physical activity to manage My passion lies in helping people find a balance between their everyday lives and their efforts towards living healthier. When my clients see progress without giving up their careers and personal lives, I know I’ve done well.

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