Social media in the modern world 

Too often we are consumed by the media and social media. We spend countless hours of the day skipping through the countless volume of Snapchats and facebook posts whilst wishing we were an influencer, rich or famous as well.  Social media has crept more and more into our lives on a daily basis and now at such at an even faster pace than before.

We seem to be influenced more and more by a fitness instructor or the latest seemingly whizz-bang diet that will help us lose weight in a reasonably short space of time. Either that we are intrigued by the latest fashion trends coming through social media and want to consider copying them, even if not really want we would necessarily consider by fashion.

It also seems as though it dictates what we buy whether food or fashion or food or house or car.  Why should we buy a Toyota Corolla hatchback when we can buy the latest Mercedes Benz Convertible?

Can we switch off?

So the question belies us all – Can we switch off from all social media and seeming endless bombardment of social media?

Well we can, however if takes effort and willpower to do so.   We have to self aware that it exists then realise then it can impact us on a daily basis more than we realise.  It an also effect us in more ways than we realise such as in an emotional or mental way and make us feel too sad or depressed. Or the reverse, we want the product that will make us look younger or feel better even we really don’t need it or can’t afford and serves no purpose to our life.

It is up to all of us to switch off and not tune into social media. It can be done but the question belies us all – Can we switch off?

Recognising we need to switch off

The first step is to recognise that we need to switch off which can be in itself be a hard thing to do. If we all took a moment to step back and realise how much social media we consume and are subject to then we would understand what impact it has on our lives. Then consider that it can influence our decision making or who we like or don’t like or whether we stay friends with certain people. So now I ask the question how many people you know do this?  I would be interested to know the answer.

If we also recognise that it is healthy to spend time away from social media so we can exercise or read a book then we can find enough motivation to put down our mobile phone. Understanding that by doing so also gives our brain a break from the constant bombardment of stories, pictures and videos that seem never ending allow us to think about other things and focus on own life instead of others.

Switching off – When?

I switch off by putting my mobile phone on aeroplane mode to simple household chores or sit outside on those nice sunny but not too hot days enjoying the sunshine of my days off work. People say finding the time to this is not easy however if you looked at your schedule there is probably some time each day where you can turn off your mobile devices and chill out.  Take a bath or go for an evening walk or start reading that book you have said to yourself for the last month you are going to do.

Don’t turn on your mobile phone or look at it straight away in the morning so you can start your day less anxious about what is going on in the world.  Have your morning breakfast or shower or coffee first and take time to start your day on a positive note focusing on what you have to do that day.

So I leave you with this question – Will you take up the challenge today to switch off?

I am a Transgender advocate, author, inspirational speaker, model and media commentator who lives in Melbourne. You can connect with me on Facebook or check out my website –


Melissa Griffiths


About the author

Melissa Griffiths is a transgender authority and advocate who lives in Melbourne. Melissa is also a diversity and inclusion consultant who has managed to get a gender identity policy introduced at various horse racing clubs including the BRC, MRC and VRC. She consulted to Cricket Australia in development of their Guidelines for inclusion of Gender Diverse and Transgender People in Cricket.   She is also currently a board director of Sydney based non-profit organisation JustSociale and previously a board director of Elder Rights Advocacy in Victoria.

Melissa has overcome many challenges in her journey as a transgender female. She has had to overcome the obstacles of transitioning in the workplace; society’s attitudes towards her as well as the many challenges that come with living day-to-day as a transgender female.

A recognised Thought Leader who draws upon her experiences and expertise to consult to business and mentor individuals as well as speak out and be a voice for those in her community who do not have a voice.

Melissa is also a emcee/mistress of ceremonies as well as a much sought after inspirational/keynote speaker who is a recipient of an Australia Day Achievement Award. She recently spoke at the Priceline Pharmacy Customer Operations Conference in Melbourne and prior in June Melbourne Airport for Pride Month as well as at The Gordon TAFE for IDAHOBIT day and spoke for IWD 2022 online event for Westrac.

Melissa was the keynote speaker at RMIT for International Women’s Day speaking about Organisational Gender Diversity and Policy.  She also spoke at the National Employment Solutions Conference in 2018 presenting Transgender from All Angles talking about how all issues around a transgender person transitioning in the workplace.

Melissa speaks on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Belonging and Power of Connection
  • Bullying, harassment intimidation and sexual harassment
  • Confidence
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Effective Advocacy and overcoming challenges
  • Gender Identity
  • How to create an inclusive workplace for transgender people
  • Leadership
  • LGBTQIA+ issues/rights
  • Organisational Gender Diversity and Policy
  • Social media – The importance and value of it in a modern world.
  • Transgender from all angles – How to create an inclusive workplace for transgender people

Melissa is a also a media commentator raising awareness about bully, harassment, diversity, inclusion, and making workplaces more inclusive for transgender people. She is regularly interviewed by media and for various media publications including being on the front cover of Sofya Style Magazine in the UK in 2018 as well being featured in the popular magazine – MINDFOOD in October 2019. Melissa also is a freelance journalist who writes articles for various online publications and websites including channel nine.

Melissa was interviewed in 2020 for online TV show The Informer and previously been featured on ABC News in 2018 and on TV show Studio 10 in 2017. She is regularly interviewed on radio or for various podcasts including for Nova Entertainment.

In 2019 Melissa received an Australia Day Achievement Award as well as the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Award instituted by ICONGO & the UN from India.  She was a finalist in the 2019 Australian LGBTI Awards in the Hero Category and a finalist in 2018 Women’s Agenda Women in Leadership Awards for Agenda Setter of the year.  Melissa completed the first ever LGBTI Leadership Program in 2018 and was a finalist as LGBTI person of the year in the 2017 Victorian LGBTI Awards.

She is a brave, courageous, strong and resilient person who has become a Leader in her own right who draws upon her experiences to #ChooseToChallenge to make the world a better place.

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Nancy Peat
Nancy Peat
5 months ago

Excellent outlook and a timely reminder der to us all- old and young