Race Redomra on 5 Magically Easy Steps to Fitness and Wellbeing

If you have considered rethinking your social media usage to find a healthy life balance, this  simple but very effective 5-step methodology will get you there.  All the steps are about balance. That’s why we need 5 pieces for this puzzle.  We can simply live our lives and significantly improve our health at the same time – almost effortlessly.


  1. Cool Culture


Race Redomra
Race Redomra

The first step is called ‘Cool Culture’.

It focuses on connecting with like minded people in real life.  We can put ourselves into healthy environments that feel good for the soul.  Free- thinkers don’t relate to mainstream health marketing.  Artists and creative people, in particular, need to find their own groove.   We need to put  energy into discovering ways to nurture our cultural and subcultural needs at the same time as we solidify our identity as fit,  healthy people.

For example, if your workplace is a healthy environment, you can start that ‘’cycle to work club’’ or ‘’bring a healthy share plate’’  lunch day.  Even if gym culture is not your thing it is possible to find or create a culture that includes people you want to hang out with. A strong  healthy identity and social connection is key to true health sustainability.


  1. Ultra-Fit


Once you have sorted out your Cool Culture, becoming fitter becomes more easily achievable. You can now discover what you like about living a healthy life.  Is there something health and fitness related that you have always wanted to do, that you can now include in your schedule?

Think about what you loved doing as a child. We can simply remember the physical activity that we loved.  Were you a football kid, or a swim in the ocean type of child? Team sports? Dance! Rekindle your spark any way you can.

Fitness is extremely important because we simply must have good heart health. We can shift some excess body fat, improve our bone density and build strong lean muscle. Besides – a little more fun in life is good for the soul!

Learn something new!  Ultra-fit means being as fit as you want to be.


  1. Chilled-Out


Siesta time is important!  It is essential to embrace ‘me’ time in a guilt-free way.  We can then reboot and return to our best healthy thinking.

By practising deeper relaxation techniques we effortlessly tap into significant mental health improvements while imporivng blood pressure. We also become much nicer to be around!


  1. Clean Eating


Clean Eating is a term that means different things to us all. Clean conscience. Environment. Nutritious. Genetic modification free. Organic?  The best part is that clean eating is about eating more!  More whole foods, cruelty-free,  local and vitamin packed real food.


  1. Soul Serenity


The final step of the methodology is called Soul Serenity. In this seemingly soul-less day and age, we aim to foster what some may call ‘service’.  It’s the act of helping others and can include volunteering or simply visiting a lonely elderly neighbour.

Social media has its benefits. It  is also well known that it has caused devastating health and social impacts.  Most of us apply some of these 5 steps to our lives. To find true balance in all levels of ‘being’…our human-ness – we need to visit each step.

Would you like to tune back into your true nature? The loves and passions  that your very soul carried here into this life? Wonderful adventures will follow as you embody your fittest, happiest, healthiest higher self. Enjoy watching the synchronicities unfold.


By Race Redomra

Race Redomra is the Australian author of book “Fit and Chilled Out- the alternative fitness culture”. Readers are supported through her groundbreaking methodology to achieve genuine life long sustainability in health, fitness and well-being by finding ways that fit perfectly with them.

Race is a health and fitness expert, a zen martial artist and an empathic healer.  She spent many years as a wholistic personal trainer and running rock star style wellness retreats, and now provides personal support consultations in person or video call.

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