You’ve heard it before, “be careful what you eat” and “be sure to exercise” for a healthy life, but why is it so important? How can it really help us with day-to-day life, especially when you are so busy. Let’s explore three key areas I believe are the key foundations to a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life.

Manage Your Mind and Improve Self Worth.

Every thought we think is creating our future. This one little realisation can shift the direction of your life for the better. When you can learn to create peace, health and harmony in your mind, you can then create the same in your body. But where do you start? With technology and social media currently taking up SO much of our daily life, it starts there. We are essentially sacrificing our mental health when we stare at technology too much. You may start to compare your life with others, you may accidentally follow people whose values don’t align with yours, and in turn cause unnecessary anxiety and concern.

When you acknowledge your technology use, make changes to reduce time online and be careful with who you are following online, you can create a healthier relationship with technology. Give yourself permission to re-engage in the real world, try to get out of the house for a walk, stroll barefoot on the sand, smile and say hi to a stranger, you will feel amazing!

Nourish Yourself Intentionally

I believe the word “diet” needs to be deleted from your vocabulary. Since the 1980s it has been overused, misunderstood, and glorified in a way that has affected many millions of people. If you can learn to focus on loving our body enough, to nourish it with a rainbow of food and nutrients, we take away this constant state of fear and unworthiness. As the amazing Louise Hay said, “everything in life is underpinned with self-love.”

The reality is food is our lifeline and true medicine for a long healthy, fulfilling life. When we jump from fad diet to fad diet, we cause so much havoc to our bodies. There is no such thing as “good food” and “bad food”, I want you learn about the benefits of healthy eating, and the way your body could feel when you eat real food from the earth, the way it was designed.

The information out there can be overwhelming, but start with self love. “When you don’t know what else to do, focus on love. Loving yourself makes you feel good, and good health is really about feeling good.” – Louise Hay, “Loving Yourself To Good Health”

Move in a Way You Love

When you move in a way you love, it feels enjoyable for both your physical and mental health. Exercise is a celebration of your body, not a punishment to look or be a certain way. It should be liberating, energizing and empowering, then it will become a daily habit you enjoy. You could try switching off your social media and enjoying a leisurely stroll in nature listening to a guided meditation, I know you will feel the benefits of improved mindset and boosted energy. It doesn’t require you to spend money to get those happy endorphins pumping.

If you can focus on these 3 areas, it will give you the power to control your thoughts, actions, daily habits and live a long, fulfilling life. Together we can learn to love our food, with a focus on nourishment over deprivation, and love our bodies with enjoyable, healthy movement.

What can you do this week to create more balance in your life, by making time for enjoyable movement and nourishing food?


By Jodie Spinks 


About the author:

Jodie Spinks is a Women’s Empowerment Coach from rural Australia, who supports women to level up their health and wealth. Jodie believes choice is the most powerful tool we have, to live a fulfilled life with passion and purpose. Her exclusive online community The Choice Club allows women to explore what’s possible for them in a safe space and take the small guided daily steps to unleash their full potential and create their life of choice.

Falling into a dark place of Post Natal Depression and losing who she was a young mother, Jodie is now more passionate than ever to hold space and show other driven women how to level up in life with confidence. Jodie spends her time coaching women to take their power back and become the Choice Queen of their own life, with a focus on positive mindset, boosting your confidence and nourishing yourself physically, emotionally and financially.

Jodie Spinks, 0417 309 719,

FB/IG/Linked in – @jodiespinksau


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