Three big prediction for the Metaverse in 2022

1.  Blockchain blows up in 2022

After early experimentation in 2021, 2022 will mark the year creators truly begin to embrace and leverage the power of the blockchain at scale. Just like iPhones ushered in a whole new mobile-first world of content 15 years ago, so-called Web 3.0 ushers in a whole new transformational world for originators of intellectual property, or IP, to directly reach and monetize their audiences. In the process, creators take back at least some of the power of mega tech platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Apple that built their trillion-dollar-plus valuations on their backs.

2. NFTs a new venue for fans

And 2022 will mark the year superfans will use their collective decentralized power to fuel creativity from their favorite artists via blockchain-related opportunities. Most in the entertainment world still focus on Beeple’s $69-million digital art NFT as being the blockchain’s poster child.

But instead they should be thinking of NFTs as new direct and directly monetizing channels of super-fandom – opening up membership into exclusive new clubs. If few in the world of media now know of CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club and DAOs in general (decentralized autonomous organizations), that changes in 2022. The blockchain, NFTs and DAOs are no momentary fads. They are long-term game-changers. Like it or not, the Los Angeles-based Staples Center’s new “ Arena” moniker is here to stay.


3. Big action to come against Big Tech

The new mega-media platforms of Facebook (or Meta, actually), Google, Apple, and Amazon face a more immediate threat than the blockchain and related new decentralized social platforms in 2022, as big government finally takes big action against big tech in advance of 2022’s mid-term elections. Facebook and Zuckerberg are first to feel the pinch, as the Feds force Facebook to shed Instagram (and perhaps set some real rules to limit unbridled ad and AI-driven algorithmic devastation, both on young people and society itself). These “unlockings” of tech conglomerates will unlock more content innovation across more competing tech platforms.

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